Saturday, February 26, 2011

Photo Project 3...

A photo that makes you happy.

I'm cheating with this one and posting more than one picture, because I couldn't decide which one to choose:

Dad, cooperating with the police and creating a diversion... this picture always makes me smile.

This picture makes me happy because it reminds me that Eric used to be cute (just kidding! But it DOES remind me that Eric used to have hair...).

The sole reason this picture makes me happy is that I was in Istanbul when it was taken.

Baseball is starting soon! And this is a picture of Derek Jeter! Happiness on both counts.

Aliens obviously landed at Area 51 and then named this road in Nevada... cool.

And, one of my favorite pictures from a vacation EVER... the stuffed animal (Badger? Woodchuck??) just makes the whole photo (well, that, and the fact that Nick popped up in the background...).

I could probably find a few more pictures if I keep looking, so I'd better stop looking... :)


G said...

Some things never change.

The new Steinbrenner is just like the classic Steinbrenner, in that the newbie is mouthing off about that picture of Derek Jeter.

Like father, like son.

Still, it's gonna be a long season for this Mets fan.

Lisa said...

Are you talking about that thing he said about how the Yankees were "too busy building mansions" or something like that? Yeah, the Steinbrenners aren't exactly the best motivators, are they? :)

I'm just looking forward to baseball, in general -- hoping I can go to a few Cubs games this year. :)