Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Just to reiterate...

THIS is what my view normally looks like:

And THIS is my view right now:

Blizzard!!! It's about time we got some real snow here... it's Chicago, for goodness' sake. I was starting to think that all those stories about snow in Chicago were made up to scare people away from moving here. (Ha! You can't scare ME with your tales of frozen ice floes and ten-foot-high snow drifts!) I'll admit, though, that my perspective is skewed by the fact that neither Rick nor I have to go anywhere for the next few days, and we have no sidewalks or driveways to shovel. I feel bad for the people who are still out driving or walking in this...

We actually ventured out just as the storm was picking up steam to get some lunch and pick up a few groceries at the store (if we're going to be snowed in, I have to have plenty of milk for hot chocolate :)). The walk back was brutal -- and we only had to walk around the block. The wind whipping down Fullerton off the lake was pretty insane. And the wind carried with it snowflakes... which SOUND so soft and fluffy and innocent -- but THESE snowflakes, I presume, were composed of tiny little icepicks, machetes and daggers, which pelted my face with freezing ferocity. I had to keep my (gloved, of course) hand in front of my eyes to prevent some sort of accidental blinding incident... Needless to say, it was an interesting walk home. :)

Supposedly even Austin is going to be cold tonight -- so I hope everyone stays warm!

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