Monday, January 31, 2011

Random picture post...

Or, "what Lisa posts when she has nothing to say..."

And finally, proof that I'm not only a naturally talented baseball player, but I am entirely capable of getting a tan:

And that is some awesome pitching form right there... I'm pretty sure I'm about to throw my world-famous slider. (I believe that's my cousin Steve serving as catcher... interesting that we don't actually have a batter... Ha! Batters cower in fear at my pitching prowess. Although it's probably good that we don't have a batter, seeing as we're indoors and that's a TV behind me. At least I THINK it's a TV... it's some kind of circa-1970s box-shaped device. "TV" seems like a good guess... And who doesn't love rust-colored carpet, orange drapes and dark wood paneling? I can't believe homes aren't STILL decorated like this... Color coordination in the 70s was impeccable... :))


G said...

And to compliment your random picture post, we have....a random comment.

That self portrait of yours is one of the better ones that you've posted on your blog in quite sometime.


Lisa said...

Thanks! That was a very reflective hotel balcony door in Las Vegas... apparently I have a thing about taking my own picture in mirrors and mirror-type objects... LOL... :)