Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday random thoughts...

I have finally managed to unpack all of my kitchen stuff (and finally found my sugar/flour canisters which I've been looking for since we moved in -- I could've used those back when I was making all those Christmas cookies...). I consolidated everything I DON'T need right now into one big box, which will hopefully soon make the journey down to storage...

It seems like everyone I know has been talking about World Market lately. Everyone is going to World Market, and buying stuff at World Market, and they all love World Market. I love World Market, too, but I usually get hung up on the World CHOCOLATE area, and want to buy all of it... at which point, Rick steers me away and drags me to some boring section like World Napkins, or World Tables, or World Glassware... and not that I have anything against napkins or tables or glassware -- in fact, I think a few of our glasses did come from World Market -- but c'mon... chocolate! WORLD chocolate!!

Rick set up our new "home theater" last night. (I have to put that in quotes, since our last place had an actual room that was used as the home theater... now we'll just be using the living room... oh, woe is us... :)) We chose "Despicable Me" for our first movie in the new place... it was a really cute movie. Rick decided that the littlest girl, Agnes, who made up songs about fluffy unicorns and found Santa "nice but scary," was some sort of representation of me. (Sigh... he's right... that kid was totally me... hey, she was precocious and ADORABLE, okay??)

Eric actually succeeded in what I once thought was impossible -- he found a barbecue place in Chicago (with the simple moniker "Q") that Rick likes as much (almost as much??) as barbecue places in Texas. We tried it a couple weeks ago, and I fully expected Rick to hate it... but to my amazement, he loved that place... so much so that we're going back with some friends tomorrow night. I had their chicken last time, and it was great -- especially once it was covered with their "extra-spicy" barbecue sauce. I can say one thing for certain -- Q is about a thousand times better than the place I wrote about in THIS post. (Sorry Mr. Authentic Barbecue... but sometimes modern conveniences, comfort, and real silverware add a little something better to the dining experience...) 

Well, Rick and I are about to go off on one of our freezing cold weekend walks around the city (it's not so bad once you get going... :)), so that's it for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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