Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A fragmentary tour...

I've been working hard (okay that's probably an overstatement... I COULD be working harder on this, but random things have been distracting me lately) to get this condo in some kind of order so I feel like I'm living in a home instead of a flea market. And slowly, things are coming together... but at the moment, I only have a few choice areas I can reveal to the blog world:

The living room -- the great view is over to the left... we set the TV up so it faces the alleyway between this building and the one next door, because in addition to the great view, those windows on the left side of the room let in tons of sunlight. It would be hard to watch TV if you were being blinded by the sun...

Here's a tiny little piece of the kitchen (along with a bit of the dining room table, which is still covered with mugs, glasses and paper that all needs to be thrown away and/or recycled...).

This is about all I can show of the bedroom -- we still have an entire corner filled with boxes (and a wardrobe box sitting next to the bathroom that needs to go to our storage unit), so it's not exactly photogenic right now...

But even LESS photogenic is Rick's study -- I'll just show you the French doors... :)

Our view isn't so great today, but at least there's a good excuse -- it's snowing!!

And by the way, for those who are afraid of heights -- here's the view out the windows behind the TV of the fire escapes next door... interestingly, I've never been afraid of heights, myself... rather strange for someone who is afraid of such innocuous things as clowns and pool drains... :)

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Mom said...

Lookin' good! I don't recognize the place with no cardboard boxes lying around! (Well, at least none that I can see.) And I think I see Eric waving from the roof of his building! :-) (For those of you who don't know - Eric and Rachel live in the long red building in the fifth picture.)

Can't wait to see you guys!

Love, Mom