Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow... and success!

We had a nice little snow storm yesterday -- nothing TOO bad... I think we ended up with about three or four inches. But it was also windy, which turned every snowflake into a tiny little face-stinging projectile (I really need to figure out how to keep my face covered up when the weather is cold and windy -- it's the ONE thing that really bothers me when I'm outside in the cold). Still, we ventured out for lunch, groceries and coffee:

I don't look TOO cold, do I? :)

In other Chicago news -- we found a place to rent! I'm excited about it -- I think we made a good choice. It's a great location (except for the fact that it's only about a block away from Eric... ;)), has hardwood floors in the living room, a pretty big bedroom (there was a king-sized bed in there when we saw the place, so we know our bed will fit just fine), an actual office with a door (so Rick can shut himself away and work without distractions), and really awesome floor to ceiling windows with a view of the city skyline (which Rick will love once spring arrives and we get some lightning storms...). The kitchen is a little small, but since we have ROOMS where we can sequester our much-too-curious cat, I can make it work.

The funny thing about us choosing this apartment is that as far as "showing" for potential renters, everything was done WRONG with this place. First, when we arrived, we were told that the occupant was home (our agent was under the impression that it was empty) -- but he told us to come on up anyway. Once we walked into the apartment, it was apparent that this guy had done nothing to even ATTEMPT to tidy up. One of the first things real estate agents tell you when you're getting ready to show your place is to get rid of "clutter" -- well, this place was pretty much covered with clutter. Shoes on the floor, food in the kitchen, an unmade bed... according to Rick there was a pair of boxer shorts somewhere, although thankfully I missed that little detail myself. And, the best part (or worst part?) is that the guy who lived there was, as our agent put it, "stoned out of his gourd." (So THAT'S what that weird smell was...)

Yeah, so you might assume that we'd never, ever want to rent this place after that viewing experience... but I guess it's just a testament to the fact that the apartment itself (nevermind its disturbing slacker occupant) was that much better than any of the other places we checked out. Once it's been cleaned (and I'm expecting some sort of top-to-bottom disinfection... seriously, I want NO memory of creepy stoned guy left in that apartment), I'm confident that it will be a great place...

We're hoping to move within the next couple of weeks, so once the aforementioned disinfection has occurred, I'll be sure to post some pictures. Hope everyone had a good weekend! :)


G said...

Can I say that I don't want to see the snow that you just got here in Connecticut just yet?

In other news, congrats on moving up to a larger set of digs.

Lisa said...

It wasn't too bad, actually -- although it's a LOT easier to deal with when you don't have to shovel or drive in it. :)

And thanks! We can't wait to get out of this tiny little place! :)