Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy...

Actually, I can't vouch for that... I have no idea what P Diddy feels like when he wakes up. And I have no idea how Ke$ha knows, either. (By the way, I find it extremely annoying that "Ke$ha" uses a dollar sign instead of an "S" in her name. Nevertheless, I shall, from this day forward, be known as Li$a...)

And I, Li$a, seem to have caught my first Chicago cold. (So I guess we're to assume that when P Diddy wakes up in the morning, he has a stuffy nose, a foggy head, and random muscle aches... actually, yeah, I think that's pretty much what Ke$ha was going for...)

Usually, when I get a cold, I run through my routine in my head to attempt to figure out where I may have picked up such sneaky germs. Never at home, of course... not when I'm constantly washing my hands to eradicate the threat. So that would leave work and anyplace I may have been running errands, like the grocery store or Walgreens. Here in a big city, however, it seems the culprits are much more extensive. I can no longer assume I'm germ-free here at home (or "temporary home"), since hundreds of other people live within seconds of my own domicile. Just yesterday, in fact, I hit a button in the elevator and it was WET -- why was that button wet?? It wasn't snowing yesterday -- it was quite dry and sunny. So why, oh why, was that elevator button wet? (And do I really WANT to know??)

I can't even count the number of doors in various places that I've pushed or pulled open -- grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, movie theaters, other apartment buildings... I've been in cabs, I've patted a few strange dogs (they're extra cute when they're outfitted in little doggie sweaters -- I can't help it), I've used foreign treadmills and tried on millions of coats (okay, maybe not millions)... the point is, I can't even BEGIN to think of where I might have picked up this thing.

Oh well... the fact that this is my view when the sun is setting makes up for SOMEthing... :)

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