Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodbye, palm trees...

At dinner tonight, I overheard the waiter at the table behind me ask a recently seated patron if he had "any immediate appetizer requirements." This resulted in a flurry of responses inside my brain:

Yes! I need crab claws! Crab claws forthwith!

I require shrimp cocktail post haste!

Of course I require appetizers, my good man! Do I look like some sort of namby pamby, appetizer-eschewing commoner?? 

Why is there not a bowl of spinach-artichoke dip on this table RIGHT NOW?

Personally, I don't find appetizers dramatic enough to warrant immediate requirement... :)

And as we ate dessert (a reasonably sized slice of chocolate cake, which we split...), Rick asked me if I was "enjoying the last dessert we'll be having for the next three weeks." Well, I WAS, until he said that... (Apparently someone thinks we've been eating too much dessert this week... :))

We spent the day walking around downtown San Diego. The weather was PERFECT today -- I hope I soaked up enough sun and warmth, because I'm assuming it will NOT be quite the same when we get back to Chicago. But we had a great week of ocean views (and inland detours) and rocky cliffs and palm trees and salty sea air... so we're ready to get back to our cats and our skyline view and our regular old trees (which will hopefully be turning green by the time we get back) and our giant lake.

See you back in Chicago!


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