Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thoughts of a random nature...

Does anyone else ever go to Google Maps and drop the cursor in a random mapped-out country just to see where the street view takes you? (No? It's just me?? Yeah, I figured as much...) Today, for instance, I noticed that parts of Romania have recently been mapped out, so I thought I should do some virtual exploration. So I randomly dropped my cursor pointer onto one of the blue "street" areas, and suddenly found myself on a dirt road next to a wooden fence. I find it interesting that there are so many countries and major cities left to be mapped out for the Google street views, yet they've already mapped out dirt roads in Romania...

So the other day I woke up with pillow lines on BOTH sides of my face -- how does THAT happen?? Was I lying face-first in my pillow?? Did Rick attempt to smother me in my sleep, and I somehow missed it??? (Hmmm... I'd better keep an eye on him...)

Mom and dad are safely back in Austin after a week-long Chicago visit. And I just realized that I never made fajitas. (Next time, perhaps??) We did, however, eat at about a million restaurants in the city, which, I have to admit, is one of my favorite things about Chicago. This is quite the foodie city. (Fortunately, it's also quite the walkable city, otherwise I would've gained vast amounts of weight this week...)

It is extremely foggy here today, and my city view has been obliterated. What's more, every time I look out the window I'm struck with a momentary sensation of blindness, as if I've just noticed the cataracts clouding my vision. And then I remember it's just fog:

This is NOT conducive to my skyline-photography obsession.

Hoping for something more like THIS tonight:

We shall see. (Or perhaps we won't -- that'll depend on whether the fog has lifted...)

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