Sunday, April 03, 2011


It's another remarkably clear night tonight, but I will spare you the skyline pictures. Instead, to illustrate the random nature of my thought process, I present you with THIS picture of a bird giving someone directions ("make a right at the next light..."):

And THIS picture of me pensively looking out a window ("maybe I shouldn't have made a right at that light... I'm not sure that bird knew what she was talking about..."):

Okay, enough randomness... how about this: congratulations to Eric for passing the Illinois bar exam!!!

Not that I ever doubted he would pass. Dave and Faisal passed bar exams... so I figure just about anyone can pass one of those things...

Dave, Montana-Fire-Worshiper, Passer-of-Bar-Exam:

Somehow I have failed to procure any crazy pictures of Faisal (lucky for him), so the best I can do is this: Faisal, Stubborn-Believer-of-Comfortability, Passer-of-Bar-Exam:

And now Eric, Previous-Hater-of-Matthew-McConaughey-Who-Has-Had-a-Change-of-Heart-and-Now-Enjoys-His-Movies, Passer-of-Bar-Exam:

(Yes, Eric was literally burning a magazine with Matthew McConaughey on the cover, glaring at it with vehement hatred...)

He's come so far since his magazine-burning days:


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