Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I think...

I think a random blog post is in order for today:

I think coffee is one of the best things ever, and whoever first introduced this magical elixir to our country should have a holiday named after them. (Introducer of Coffee) Day would mean an automatic day off for everyone... except people who work at Starbucks, Caribou, etc. After all, what would (Introducer of Coffee) Day be without a place to get coffee???

I think it's perfectly acceptable to eat various forms of chocolate for breakfast. Not that I've ever done that.

I think if everything in life went exactly as we planned it, it would be a lot less fun to tell stories about all our crazy mishaps. I was thinking about this as I looked over my travel itineraries for trips we're planning to California and Texas -- apparently we bought plane tickets too late, because Rick and I can't seem to get seats together (even after Rick called the airline about the California trip and was told, "oh, there are plenty of seats available -- we just can't change your seat assignments on the computer right now..."). And I'm not sure we have a rental car in San Francisco yet... or hotels... But this will be a GREAT story to tell one day... right??

I think that Charlie Sheen's idea and MY idea of what constitutes "winning" are two vastly different things.

I think shopping for a condo should be a little bit easier than it's actually been. (But "good things come to those who wait"? And perhaps even "third time's the charm"???)

I think I may have accidentally baked a cake while Rick was out of town this week... okay, I KNOW I accidentally baked a cake. And it probably can't be classified as an "accident." Shhhhh... don't tell Rick. (He's not reading this, is he??)

I think spring really, truly, finally IS here in Chicago.

I think some things (and some people) are worth fighting for. It's when you give up and STOP fighting that you know you're really in trouble.

I think I should start thinking about making something for dinner, because I should probably eat more than just cake...


G said...

Spring has sprung?

Hopefully you got concrete evidence that says so, because we certainly don't got it here.

Lisa said...

Well, it's been consistently above freezing for several weeks now... And although I'm assuming the 80 degree day we had last weekend was a fluke, I HAVE been opening my windows every afternoon to get some fresh air in the condo. And I THINK I can see buds on some of the trees... although that could be wishful thinking... :)