Saturday, April 09, 2011

Status update...

There's a little box on Facebook's homepage where you're supposed to regale everyone with interesting tales of your current "status." It prompts you by asking, "what's on your mind?" As if Facebook cares... as if Facebook Personified is comfortably seated in a leather chair, legs crossed, notepad in one hand, pen in the other, head tilted inquisitively to one side... and then Facebook says, "so tell me -- what's on your mind?" Do I really want to tell you, Facebook Personified? Or do I want to keep some things to myself? It amazes me sometimes what people put "out there" for everyone to read.

Lately, I've been keeping most of my thoughts to myself (and off of Facebook). Strangely, once I started with the Facebook updates, I felt pressured to keep saying SOMEthing, no matter how insignificant. It went something like this:

Decided to try out this Facebook thing -- hope I can figure it out!

I'm wondering if Salman Rushdie was reading Kafka's The Metamorphosis when he started writing The Satanic Verses... that would explain the themes of radical transformation.

Worked out on the treadmill this afternoon -- 4 miles... not bad.

Off to see a movie!


Eating... food...


Yeah, so eventually I decided to stop pressuring myself to post "status updates" all the time, and to only post something if I really feel like it.

Today, there's plenty on my mind. Part of which is this post from five years ago. Because I like to live in the past (have I really been writing this blog for more than five years??).

And another part of which is that I think we've decided to once AGAIN back out of buying the condo we had planned to buy, because of bizarre actions by the condo association. They've had more than three weeks to fill out a short questionnaire that we need in order to procure financing, and for some reason they haven't yet bothered with it. Like the first condo we were looking it, this process is getting too complicated for something that should be fairly easy. When that happens, I start to get a bad feeling about everything, and wonder if this isn't God's way of telling us we should be looking elsewhere. Even our realtor said this morning, "everything happens for a reason... maybe this place just wasn't meant to be." So, keeping that in mind, we went to look at another condo -- a downtown loft-style place that was actually pretty cool. In fact, I really loved the condo -- we wouldn't have to do a THING to it (unlike the other place we're thinking of buying, which needs a lot of rehab...). The only cons are that we'd have NO view at all (except of the building across the street), there isn't as much light as I'd prefer, and the walk to the grocery store would be a little longer. (Not a huge deal... unless, like the other day, we need a ton of stuff from the grocery store and Rick and I are both weighted down with bags full of milk and potatoes and soup cans and whatever other "heavy" stuff you can get at the store... and thank goodness our place is only a block away, because my hands HURT by the time we got home...)

So we'll see what happens with that. Maybe I'll even announce our decision on Facebook. :) 


G said...

I've mostly given up on status updates. Probably about the only thing I'll post for updates is stuff that I don't feel like throwing up on my blog, like certain personal stuff about my family.

More fun to see what everyone else is doing than it is to post updates.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I agree -- I just like to check out what everyone else is doing. :)