Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Laundry day!!

I thought maybe if I acted really excited about it, it would be more fun... but nope, it's still just laundry. :) (And it really DOES seem to be some sort of official Laundry Day today -- I was lucky to find two empty dryers for my clothes. It's busy down there right now...)

Look what we returned to:

Green stuff! Although it's still rather sporadic in the park:

But the point is, we finally have visual evidence of the change of seasons. We can stop wondering whether or not spring will really show up, and start wondering whether or not we'll ever be able to find our warm-weather clothes over in our storage unit... (And as you can see, it's cloudy and foggy today -- otherwise you know I would've had another skyline picture here... :))

In celebration of the Sprouting of the Green Stuff, I shall, at some point today, break into some of this:

Yeah, no way was I coming home from Ghirardelli empty-handed. (And nevermind the fact that we have a Ghirardelli two miles away in downtown Chicago -- this is VACATION chocolate. It's different. Just go with me on this.) I also came back with a bag full of taffy from a candy shop at Fisherman's Wharf -- they literally had about a hundred different taffy flavors... barrels full of colorful sugary chewiness...

Oh, and I must report (with some hesitation) that I quite enjoyed using my Kindle on this trip. I can definitely see how it's a great travel accessory. But I'm not ready to toss away all my paper books... there's still something to be said for holding a BOOK in your hands... being able to flip back to a section you've already read... seeing how many pages are left until the end of the story... Reading a Kindle is sort of like reading with blinders on -- you only have a good view of the immediate page you're reading. Everything else is hidden... it's a bit strange at first. But it's a great idea for travel, and I'm sure I'll be using it again...

Okay, off to fold laundry (laundry day!!!! Nope, still not exciting...) and then we're heading out to look at a condo with our realtor. After I eat some chocolate, of course... 

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